Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper
on Apr 6, 2020
Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper

Environmental Benefits of Hemp Paper

We can all agree that when it comes to printing, finding more eco-friendly or sustainable options is paramount. Reducing global deforestation is extremely important, not only because of our increasing carbon footprint, but also because of the ecological ramifications in terms of wildlife, etc. 

Many of you have called us asking if we print on hemp paper, and we didn’t have the capability until NOW.

We know what you may be thinking...is this legal? Yes, it’s legal! 

The Hemp plant is part of the cannabis family and has been legal in the United States since 2018 due to The Farm Bill. 

Hemp paper can significantly help in saving forests. 

Here are some mind-blowing stats from Ecological Agriculture Projects in Canada:

  • 1 acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees!!!
  • When making hemp paper, no dioxin-producing chlorine bleach is required
  • Hemp paper can be recycled up to 7 to 8 times, compared with 3 times for wood pulp paper.
  • Hemp returns up to 60% of the nutrients it takes from the soil, when dried in the field.
  • In Kentucky, hemp was grown on the same land for 14 consecutive years and it was reported that there was NO soil depletion or reduction in yield.
  • Hemp is cost-effective to grow since it requires no pesticides.
  • Hemp is also relatively drought-resistant.

Regardless of your political views, hemp paper is also a more economical choice than using tree paper.

As you can tell, we are quite excited about offering hemp paper. We partnered with our longtime vendors, Neenah and Kelly Paper, to provide you with the best quality hemp paper out there!

By selecting hemp pulp for your paper printing needs, we can reduce the deforestation of our beloved country and produce stronger, more environmentally sound paper for less than the price of regular paper. 

You may be wondering what type of marketing materials you could order with hemp paper...

Currently, hemp paper is being used for CBD packaging whether you are producing vape pens (including ccell cartridges), topical products, edibles, etc. On our website, you can select hemp paper as a drop down for paper type in the packaging section. 

You do NOT have to be a CBD company to use hemp paper. Hemp paper is still new and trendy so we are encouraging non-CBD companies to try it out. 

Below are other products we could print for you with hemp paper:

Are you bold? Interested in any of these products listed above?

Stand out from the crowd and reach out to us. At this time, you cannot order it directly online because it is a custom request. If you are interested in printing products using hemp paper, call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at sales@axiomdesigns.com

On a side note, these are not the only products we could print for you with hemp paper. We are always open to evolving and experimenting at our warehouse in Glendale.