Empowering Women in Business
By Hasmik Chaloyan on Mar 10, 2022
The Owner of The Urban and Mystic LA based Gifting Shop

As we celebrate the most springie Women’s Day and encourage women power and achievements, let's take a glance at the past, present, and future of women in business. When saying women in business we mean the participation of women in leadership roles in commerce and other related spheres. For ages women were traditionally kept out of leadership roles within business and entrepreneurship. Nowadays, women take more corporate leadership, senior-management and entrepreneurship roles than ever before. The last few decades have shown many positive changes in terms of opportunities for women in the world of business. 

The tendency for women’s involvement in the business world is growing. It is engaged by women who are determined about getting into the big business game, searching for better private career paths, and sculpting a more entrepreneurial nature for themselves. 

While many debate that it is a very controversial question, corporate business owners insist that those women who take leadership roles, build stronger relationships with other organizations, partners, and shareholders at large. And who will not agree that this kind of healthy relationship may support any company to grow as every business requires other partners to succeed. Women are those anchors that reduce various conflicts that can pull organization's operations backward. As such, let’s consider the diversity issue. Research shows that diversity in the workplace, such as age diversity, gender and racial diversity, leads to an increase in creativity and innovation. It works quite well when it comes to idea generation. In this way many companies benefit from multiple perspectives. Traits for better leadership like confidence and trust are not the sole characteristics of men. Traits like kindness and empathy are not only existing in women. All of these play a pivotal role in the effective running of a business, and this leads us to stop spreading stereotypes and let all of those beautiful traits, no matter if they are shown by a person looking as male or female.

Women-owned businesses keep on remaining shining lights in the current market, and our beautiful customers are no exception. It is a big honor for Axiom Print to share some awesome statistics displaying that 37% of orders are by women-owned businesses. In the picture is Courtney Abbiati, the owner of “The Urban and The Mystic” LA based Gifting Shop. Through these long years we printed all the necessary printing essentials for different types of businesses. For those who were just launching their small business we provided only the best quality printed materials, such as custom banners and signs, which brought high ROI, custom printed labels mainly for candle-making business, or products such as food and beverages, cosmetics. We made thoughtfully-designed business cards reflecting the good nature of your role in those specific businesses. And your positive emotions when you see the final results of the orders highly motivates us to go forward and help other entrepreneurs scale up.

We have had a chance to talk to some of our successful female entrepreneur customers and business owners and asked them to share their best business advice for those women who are deciding whether to start a business or not. Here is what they said:

  • “Always remember that it takes time. Stay patient!”
  • “With the urgent need for change on all levels of our society including business, economic, politics, etc., now is the best time for you as women to influence and lead businesses”.
  • “Speak up, own your power!”
  • “Don't approach the marketplace as a woman in business but as a businessperson”.
  • “Be a good mentor for your employees.”

New small business ideas pop up every day across the world. The innumerable options can be confusing and deciding which business idea you find most catchy or want to start for yourself can be tricky. Being a woman in business can be challenging, but you have the voice to speak out and build greatness for a long term. Women can, and should, have a large presence in the business world.