Custom printing solutions for restaurants
on Jul 12, 2021
Custom printing solutions for restaurants

Printing materials play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of your restaurant business. Each material should be informative and engaging. Everything from choosing the right material to appealing designs will have a huge impact on your customers. Thus, having well-designed and high quality materials with special effects will accentuate your style and increase your brand awareness, boost your sales and lead to conversions. Here is a guideline to must have marketing materials that help you effectively market your restaurant on a budget.

Table tents printing

Table tents are considered as one of the most effective compliments to your menu. No matter where you dined, you surely saw restaurant table tents.  Many customers look at a table tent right away, so the table tents printing is commonly used for increasing the upsell of drinks and desserts and displaying special deals. 

Custom Flyer Printing

Flyer printing is a great option to attract a new crowd in your restaurant. To have high engagements and enlarge the success ratio of flyers, you can use colorful or distinctive wording and pictures or turn it into a discount coupon. You can add your social platform handles on them to boost your social engagements and online sales or simply keep your customers updated about discounts, special offers and new comings.

A-frames printing

A frame allows you to direct potential customers from the street to your restaurant by showcasing daily specials. Placed outside, in front of your restaurant or cafe they are hard to miss.  A-frames urge people to stop and take a look at new deals, discounts, and delicious meals and desserts. These signs are inexpensive, water-resistant, reusable and portable. You can fold them and store them for next year. A-frames serve as a great tool for indoor and outdoor marketing.

How can you design your materials with AxiomPrint? 

Either you can upload your own design or you can work with our designers to create a custom design that demonstrates your brand and industry creatively for an added fee. Our team of creative and skilled designers will create a design that meets all of your needs and those of your clients. 

We offer innovative printing, quick turnarounds and personalized account managers to give you the ultimate printing experience you deserve.