Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies
on Dec 15, 2020
Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies

Christmas Gift Wrapping Supplies

11 days until Christmas! At this time, we assume you’ve probably bought your presents already unless you’re a procrastinator like many of us! If you have bought your presents, this upcoming weekend you’re probably wrapping them and then shipping them out. When it comes to Christmas, gift wrapping is almost as important as the present itself. 

Okay, maybe not almost as important, but it is important. Why? Because when we’re little, we are told that Santa’s helpers are busy wrapping the gifts and loading them onto Santa’s sleigh. Even though we know Santa is not real, there is a beautiful childlike feeling that stays with us...and that’s waking up to gift wrapped presents under the tree.

The surprise and anticipation early Christmas morning is incomparable to any other holiday. 

Here are our top five recommendations on items you could use to make your gift memorable:

  1. Christmas Greeting Cards - come in a set of 6 different cards (with foil and raised spot UV) and matching festive green envelopes and stickers to seal the envelope.
  2. To/From Christmas Stickers on a Sheet - comes in a set of 5 different sheet designs
  3. Christmas Hangtags - come in a set of 6 shapes
  4. To/From Christmas Sticker Roll - comes with 10 different designs that repeat
  5. Acrylic Ornaments - come in a set of 7 shapes, but you can mix and match them

You may be wondering why the acrylic ornaments are on a lift for gift wrapping? Because you can use acrylic ornaments as alternatives to stickers or hangtags. You can use ribbon to tie them to the gift and it also serves as a mini gift before the main present...since they can actually use it as an ornament hanging from their tree.

Not only are our prices affordable, but we are offering large quantities especially with the stickers so they will last you for years...unless you have an ENORMOUS Christmas list.