Car wrap as a small business advertising tool
on Dec 30, 2021
Car wrap as a small business advertising tool

Advertising is necessary for all types of businesses, no matter if it is small or large. The problem is that small business advertising is distinctly more difficult. The reason is that small businesses have small staff, little revenue and accordingly the marketing budgets are smaller too. There is no one to blame, because the owner or the marketing manager may bring about thousands of circumstances and examples of obstacles which do not let the business grow. Whereas one should not never ever underestimate the greatness and the power of well-structured marketing strategies. Good marketing doesn’t necessarily mean investing much money. Good marketing means operating smart strategies.

Advertising is all about your company's promotional activity, the main goal of which is to target your audience and sell your product or service. In marketing advertising is supposed to be the oldest form, which attempts to influence the buyers to go and get your product by means of employing various contributing tools.

The field of advertising is growing day by day. New forms of advertising tools are engaging and the old ones are being underestimated and left aside. Whereas there are certain tools of advertising which are never out of fashion. One of these magical tools is wrap advertising. Wrap advertising or in other words vehicle wrap is known as the marketing practice of completely or partially covering the car in a vinyl material. It can be intended for a color change, but most importantly the aim of vehicle wrap is advertising a product or service. For large businesses the wrap advertising is used for custom delivery. The result of this process may also be considered also as a mobile billboard. 

And we have highlighted some of the most incredible benefits that come with car wrap advertising and which you can take into consideration before ordering your custom car wraps:

  • Car wraps are eye-catching. Indeed it is hard to miss a car where there is a nice graphic showing us a very mouth-watering pizza at the very moment when we are stuck in  a traffic jam waiting to get our lunch. And yes, those cars that have texts or images on them always attract attention. Human eye is attracted to anything that is not normal or that is very unique. This is one of the reasons that for growing business it is so essential to have a professionally wrapped car. The first time someone catches one of your company's wrapped vehicles could be the very first impression your business makes. Because it drives a lot of attention, one should also make sure that the car is looking professional and well-designed.

  • Wrap Advertising is cost-effective. Sit down, relax and pick up the calculator. When you add together the amount of money you paid for affiliate marketing, you will realize that car wrapping is a great investment and budget friendly. You probably paid more than thousands of dollars, but the results didn't meet your expectations. Car wraps for advertising express trust, because they are specifically targeted for your community.  Online marketing can be tricky and difficult to win an audience but with car wraps your targeted audience may be limited but it will give you a better turnover rate.   Your morning car-ride takes hours to reach your workplace and the traffic jams are a blight on our daily routines. Think about how many images you see during that time, billboards, signs and much more.  The more visibility your brand has on the street the better reach you will have with an audience. While you are banging your head on the steering wheel in crawling traffic, you look to your left or right and notice a wrapped vehicle advertising an ice cream company that you have never heard of before, it sparks interest and curiosity.  When you continuously see this once, twice and then the third time, you will most likely stop by to try their product without even thinking about it.  The images are embedded in your mind and you may have consciously forgotten them but subconsciously they are instilled in your memory.

To see how effective car wrapping can be for local businesses we have conducted a survey among 5000-6000 US drivers. You may get surprised but the conducted statistics show what benefits car wrapping brings about, that no other marketing trick can’t:

  • 98% on in-vehicle people claimed they noticed truck-side advertising
  • On average, an individual vehicle advertising generates approximately anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions
  • 33% of viewers from the cars decide on buying certain products or services based on advertisements they see on the vehicles
  • 98% of in-vehicle people claim that car wrapping is the most efficient and practical form of local outdoor advertising
  • Driving 20,000 miles in one company vehicle exposes your company to an average of 7 million people per year
  • And last, but not least, the cost per thousand views is only 15 cents or about $1.30 per day:)

Increasing brand awareness can be tough, especially when the market is growing day by day. But Axiom Print is ready to guide you through printing journey, graphic work and installation services so you can achieve the best possible outcome for your business. At Axiom Print custom car wraps are intended for these types of vehicles: Sedan, SUV, Pickup Truck, Mini Van, Van and Box Truck. With our easy to use online calculator, all you have to do is select the vehicle type, year, model and the type of wrap you want to automatically see the price options.

A car wrap is the ideal solution to your advertising needs because your cars can drive all around the city and get the attention of your potential customers. Our experts will provide the printing of Vehicle Wraps within 4-5 business days. We also offer rush printing for your last minute needs.  We will work with you on your turnaround to meet your deadlines.

Get started with car wrap advertising!