Car Magnets - Everything You Needed to Know
on Sep 29, 2020
Car Magnets - Everything You Needed to Know

Car Magnets: Everything You Needed to Know

As a small business, you may decide to register your personal vehicle as a commercial one in your state instead of buying a separate commercial vehicle. This is more common than you know. Car magnets provide you with the flexibility to market your brand when you need to and easily remove it when you’re not using your vehicle for commercial use. 

With little maintenance, car magnets are a great way to increase your brand visibility! 

Whether you’re on the road driving or you’re parked, you will get exposure. The most popular sizes for car magnets are typically 12 in by 18 in for a sedan and 18 in x 24 in for a pickup truck or van. When you’re designing your magnet, you want to make sure your font is as big as possible. For example, if your letters are 9 inches tall, then people can still read it from about 300 feet away. That’s the length of an average football field!

As for recommended placement, try displaying the magnet on the side door of your car or the tailgate of your truck. Make sure your car is clean and dry before you place the magnet. The surface needs to be completely flat otherwise you risk the magnet coming off...oh and don’t forget about the air bubbles! Make sure to avoid air bubbles between your magnet and vehicle. Remember to regularly remove your car magnet to avoid moisture buildup and to also clean your car to remove debris or dust particles. It’s easy to clean a car magnet, just use a wet paper towel and then wait for it to dry. If you have a smudge or something, feel free to use Windex.

So we’ve spent time explaining everything we thought you should know about car magnets. However, you may have heard some “negative rumors” or “myths” about car magnets. Let’s share some of those and debunk them for you and offer solutions.

“I heard car magnets fall off the highway!”

Unless your car magnet is made of cheap quality, is not flat on your car’s surface or there are air bubbles or flipped corners, you should NOT worry about this. You can also get rounded corners to help with that concern.

“I heard car magnets are not legal.”

That’s definitely false. They are totally legal, otherwise we wouldn’t sell should check your local and state laws in case you need to file for a commercial vehicle license in order to display them, but that is usually referring to car wraps, decals, etc.

“I heard car magnets don’t always stick to your car.”

Well...if you’re driving a corvette or you have car parts that are made of plastic, fiberglass, aluminum...then the magnet won’t stick. You need metal or iron for the magnet to work. 

“I heard car magnets can corrode the metal.”

The reason why most people see corrosion is whey they leave their car magnet on for long periods of time. You have to keep removing the magnet otherwise the moisture buildup is what causes the corrosion. Also, make sure to take the car magnet off before going through a car wash.

“I heard car magnets will scratch my paint.” 

This is similar to the comment above, but you have to regularly clean and make sure the magnet and vehicle are dry. Over time, your vehicle gets dirty and that dirt or debris from driving gets trapped between the magnet and vehicle. If you try to slide your magnet off, that debris caught in the middle can scratch your paint. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us!