Bristly by Empawer
on Mar 27, 2020
Bristly Toy and BC

Bristly by Empawer

We aren’t the only ones that need to brush every day. Our loyal, cuddly best friends can also suffer from a lack of oral health. By age 3, many dogs start to show signs of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. 

When Bristly by Empawer hired us to design and print their brushing stick (aka toothbrush) packaging, brochures and business cards, we jumped with joy!

Where did we, Axiom Print, begin?

We worked with Bristly to really understand their business and their brand. It’s extremely important for a brand to have a consistent, uniform look and feel across all marketing materials.

Our account managers and designers always do their research and really LISTEN to our clients. 

We started brainstorming ideas. Bristly already does a great job of really emphasizing the adorable qualities of dogs. Their logo is bright blue and white...their mascot is full of personality. 

We did NOT want to create just any regular tri-folded, 2-sided brochure with cute, puppy imagery. Or create a standard box for the brushing stick that anyone else can make. Axiom Print wanted Bristly to stand out. 

Axiom Print’s Process?

Well, we asked ourselves, where does a dog run off with its chewing toy? If a dog has its own little home out on the yard, it would be likely for us to find your lovable dog chewing on its toy there.

Since Bristly’s unique brushing stick is designed to be like a chewable toy so that your pets actually enjoy cleaning their teeth without knowing it...we thought it would be perfect!

Let’s split this into three die cut projects for the purposes of this case study:

  1. Brochure: The brochure was printed on a nice thicker card material than a typical brochure to be sturdier (like a home). The brochure was printed in full color and 2-sided with images of the product and informational content. The roof actually had the ridges to make you feel like it was real.
  2. Packaging: The packaging was meant to house (pun intended!) the brushing stick in a way where pet owners can actually feel and see the product without having to open a box. Visually, we used a die cut to create the ridges of a roof and have a cute dog’s ear popping out as he comes around to look at his “toothbrush.” 
  3. Die Cut Business Cards: Besides the obvious information, like brand logo, name, title and contact information, we wanted something more unique than just classic business cards for Bristly’s CEO and founder, Petros Dertsakyan. We created die cut business cards that have a cute bite in the corner of the business card to remind consumers that Petros works in the pet industry, and specifically in oral health. On the back side of the card, was a photo of a real puppy using the Bristly toothbrush. 

All three projects were a success and if you visit Bristly’s website, you will see our work! 

Just to recap: we asked ourselves, what does Bristly sell? 

Bristly sells a unique toothbrush that cleans your pet’s teeth removing plaque and tartar buildup to keep your pet happy and hopefully, free from periodontal disease. 

His unique selling proposition above is what we used to guide all our creative design and printing decisions, everything from the type of material to color to shape. 

All three of our projects were completed in a timely way to make Petros stand out from his competition. After all, he does have a unique product: Bristly by Empawer Brushing Stick! 

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