Are Door Hangers Still Relevant?
on Jun 30, 2020
Doorhanger For Advertising

Are Door Hangers Still Relevant?

Yes, the answer is YES!


Take Tony, for example...


Tony opened a new pizza restaurant and he wants to give people in his neighborhood a heads up that they can order takeout or delivery. Tony just spent most of his money to open his restaurant so he needs to find an economical way to advertise to his new neighbors. What does Tony do? He leaves door hangers! Tony saved on mailing costs and his neighbors are more likely to read the door hangers because they will see them before they open the door.


Now we get could argue this scenario would have worked before the pandemic since now is not an ideal time to be opening a new business! Okay, well hear us out and let’s go back to Tony.


Tony had to close down his pizza restaurant during Governor Newsom’s stay at home order. Being a small business, he had a hard time relying on sporadic takeout orders, so he closed down for a couple months. Now that businesses are opening back up and restaurants are even opening up their doors for outside dining, Tony decided to resume operations (following all COVID-19 safety precautions, of course!). 


He’s obviously tight on funds so how does Tony advertise? 


Tony designs an easy door hanger with his restaurant’s number, a coupon and photos of his most popular food items. He orders DOOR HANGERS in bulk and goes around hanging them outside people’s doors. He saved on mailing costs. 


So to circle back, door hangers are still relevant today, arguably now more than ever.


Top three benefits to using door hangers to advertise your business:

  1. Guaranteed Visibility - the homeowner actually has to remove it from the door when entering their home.
  2. Cheap Alternative - costs a fraction of the expense as if you had spent money on radio or TV ads.
  3. Brand Awareness - companies that distribute door hangers are typically local so people are more likely to remember your name when they think of nearby places


As more businesses try to return to some semblance of normalcy during these COVID-19 times, door hangers are a great way to stand out from your competitors. Depending on your budget for door hangers, you can print on both sides, in full color, or with some fun enhancements like foil or raised spot UV. Update people on a change in operations or maybe a special deal/promotion you’re running via door hangers today.


If you need help designing door hangers or would like to learn more information, check out our product page: