5 tips to organize kickass Halloween party in 2021
on Oct 14, 2021
5 tips to organize kickass Halloween party in 2021

“Darkness falls across the land, The Midnight Hour is close at hand.”

Rodney Lynn Temperton

It’s October, which means the most awaited spooky holiday is on its way. Halloween or Hallows’ Eve is the most long- awaited  holiday for all horror enthusiasts, especially in the United States. It's the time of the year when we can all be wrapped up in the gloomy, frightening side of life and enjoy loads of sweets, creepy stories, and networking with famous monstrous characters. It’s very amusing, a little ghostly, and anything but serious. 

The origins of Halloween celebration dates back to the ancient Celtic times, whereas at that time it was celebrated as the holiday of Samhain. Over the centuries it transformed from the pagan ritual ceremony into the fun party we have today. Of course, along with these developments, there are certain symbolic components which are manifested till nowadays. During Celtic Samhain festival people would light up the bonfires and take different masks, hideous costumes to avoid encountering castle ghosts and vampires. Through the years, the holiday evolved into a day of fun entertainment such as carving jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, trick-or-treating, thematic gatherings, playing pranks, dressing into specific costumes and preparing sweet treats. People really take Halloween very seriously and they consider it as the second most important event of the year. It is not enough for them to appear in a frightful costume and carve a pumpkin. They are ready for everything and anything. The stranger the better!

Indeed, Halloween arrives once a year, so it’s crucial to get ready to welcome it with its all scare and magnificence. 

Giving your home a spooky look is half the work done. Axiom Print has prepared the most unique and up-to-date decoration tips for your Halloween party that will definitely amaze all the trick-or-treaters, from ghosts to witches, from pumpkins to bats. So, get your haunted place ready with these hair-raisingly fun ideas: 

  1. Halloween Greeting Cards for Friends and Family: Not a secret that the beautiful practice of sending greeting cards still contains that caring-for meaningfulness they have always meant to convey. Greeting cards that speak is a principal aspect to evoke certain emotions. People want to see creative, funny, and unique cards that convey meanings more than words can. It is important to think beyond the box of a regular designed card and make something more interesting and scoopy. Designs that are bold and bright will definitely astonish your friends and family members. The design of Halloween greeting cards may feature the main thematic colors such as white, orange, black and items such as pumpkins, vampires, ghosts, zombies, bats, spiders, black cats. With Axiom Print, it is possible to have your greeting cards’ finishing semi-gloss, high-gloss and silk lamination.
  2. Awkward and Scary Halloween Yard Signs: The front doorway of your house should look like a thrilling haunted place. Yard signs and yard banners are perfect decoration pieces that will certainly leave your guests with open mouths. Both kids and adults will love these little Halloween party decorations. These reusable yard signs are ideal especially for outdoor spaces. Properly chosen designs may include some welcoming words, quotes or jokes about Halloween. 
  3. Frightfully Fun Halloween Banners: These are perfect additions to any Halloween party or Halloween costume party. With much improfision it is possible to add Halloween characters and thematic texts that will definitely catch the attention of any passer-by. In another way, it may be installed in front of the door entrance, so that every newcomer will have that scary feeling of entering into the ghost’s house. 
  4. Mysterious Window Decals: Halloween window decals are the first little decoration details that create the atmosphere of the holiday. Whether you have a store or a shop with windows make sure that this is the perfect solution to draw the attention of your customers or just common people passing by. While the adhesive is long-lasting and stands up to weather and temperature changes, these decals are also rather easy to remove. The decals should be designed accordingly matching with your store’s colors and design. The same about house decorations. With bright orange, white and black colors the decals may also provide a review of what products are being sold inside. Another trick to engage more consumers:)
  5. Halloween Sticker Packs for Everything: Literally and figuratively Halloween stickers may be sticked everywhere including walls, doors, gift boxes, water bottles, journals, phones and laptops. Interestingly enough, stickers are believed to attract people especially for packaging cases. Colorful and glossy looking Halloween sticker packs may be delivered as nice gifts to your guests, especially children. 

Let’s value what we have now, and forget the sad circumstances of 2020, that didn’t let us have some fun and party with our loved ones. This year Halloween gives that fancy opportunity to decorate your home and neighborhood in a very unique scoopy way and treat others how you would want to be treated. And make sure that our creative professionals of Axiom Print are always there to help you with all your weirdest printing wishes.

Sending the prettiest witches on your way, my friend. Happy Halloween!