3 Reasons to Buy Yard Signs
on Sep 21, 2020
Coroplast Yard Signs

3 Reasons to Buy Yard Signs

As much as you may have noticed your neighbor’s yard sign while walking your dog, you didn’t realize the type of impact that may have made on you. Yard signs are everywhere. Most often, you see people placing yard signs for their favorite candidate during local, regional, or national elections. Another common yard sign example is when realtors promote their business while the house is on the market. The third most common is when local businesses post their yard signs on people’s lawns (e.g., home security, lawn care, etc.).

Yard signs are displayed year round because they elicit action. 

As you drive by or walk by a yard sign, you can’t help but look at it. Let’s get to the technical aspects of yard signs, everything that you ever needed to know before we get to the three reasons people buy them.

Yard signs have many names: lawn signs, bandit signs, road signs or placards. The most common type of yard signs are ones made of corrugated plastic sheets and the most common manufacturer is coroplast. The plastic sheets are hollow and between them are small pipes called “flutes.” Depending on which way your sign will be displayed (vertically or horizontally), the direction of the pipes will be either vertical or horizontal. A metal H stand easily slides into those pipes and then the other side is planted into the ground. The two most common sizes are 18 x 24 inches and 12 x 18 inches. We offer custom shapes and sizes as well. 

Now that we’ve explained the technical side of coroplast yard signs, below are the three reasons why you should consider buying them.


Outside of word-of-mouth referrals, signs are responsible for more than 50% of new customers checking out a store, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce. Now this statistic is about signs in general, but yard signs are one of the signs cited. We mentioned this earlier, but people notice yard signs and read them regardless of whether they’re interested or not...it’s natural. 


With a high success rate of people noticing yard signs, you’d think they’d be more expensive. Coroplast yard signs are one of the cheapest signs to print. If you’re a small business, your marketing budget may not be very big, so yard signs are economical. 


Coroplast yard signs can be placed year round outside. Corrugated plastic is quite resilient to harsh weather conditions. Plus they’re easy to clean, if needed. They don’t need much maintenance, you just post them in your yard and leave them alone. 

We hope you found this week’s blog post helpful. This November, we have a big election coming up, so order your coroplast yard signs now!